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About Rachel

As the publisher of OutCoast.com, an experienced LGBTQ+ Content Creator and Travel Blogger, a former LGBTQ+ nonprofit founder, and speaker/consultant covering a variety of topics from LGBTQ+ marketing to bridging communication divides, Rachel Covello has dedicated her career to uniting people and creating inclusive spaces both in work environments and community spaces. 

With over twenty years of sales, marketing, leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial experience across corporate and non-profit sectors, Rachel brings a rich blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking to the table. 

As a travel blogger, Rachel showcases the inclusive destinations and businesses available in Florida and beyond. 

As a seasoned LGBTQ+ tourism marketing and DEI/ERG consultant, Rachel advises business leaders in various industries on a variety of topics to foster and promote inclusive experiences for travelers, clients and employees.

Rachel also hosts the Florida OutCoast Convention (FLOCC), Florida’s only statewide LGBTQ+ tourism convention, to highlight the significance of inclusive tourism in Florida. This event brings together leaders throughout Florida to connect, learn, and create strategies that welcome all travelers to the Sunshine State.

Rachel was recently recognized as the 2023 Most Remarkable Person of the Year by Watermark Publishing and a Business of Pride honoree by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2021. 

Outside of her OutCoast commitments, Rachel lives in St. Pete with her wife of 6 years and their three dogs. They enjoy exploring the country in their RV. Beyond travel, Rachel is a stand-up comedian, event emcee, photographer, and host to lesbian-focused pop up events throughout Florida.

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