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H O W   W E   C A N   H E L P   Y O U !


We dive deep to discover who our clients are and what brand message they want to send to potential customers. We then collaborate on logo and full brand development.

Product Launch

We consult with clients on product development, branding and launch campaigns. We then connect clients with full marketing teams that best meets their needs. Think of us as Marketing Matchmakers!

Strategy Analysis

We chart the course to uncover your hidden potential and to lay out a robust revenue-generating sales and marketing plan.

Content Creation

We develop effective and engaging content to set our clients up as experts in their field. Content creation includes blogging, copywriting, photography, Drone imagery, graphic design, and video production.

Social Media Consulting

We navigate our clients through the landmine of social media marketing to provide clarity and direction on how to effectively use social media platforms for business growth.

LGBTQ Marketing

We'll collaborate on ways to make your brand more LGBTQ-inviting and identify the events, organizations and platforms to best market your business to the LGBTQ market.

It's Easy To Start A Business, But Hard To Do It Well

L E T   U S   B E   Y O U R   G U I D E !


Sales and marketing can be overwhelming. Many business owners move in 10 directions at once without once focusing on the end goal. Rachel Covello and her OutCoast Consulting team coach entrepreneurs and sales leaders on strategic sales and marketing planning for success.


Rachel Covello and her OutCoast Consulting team collaborate with companies large and small on sales, marketing, blog development, product launch, and diversity & inclusion. Industries include healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, nonprofits, pharmaceutical, and LGBTQ travel.


As an engaging and memorable speaker, Rachel is a highly sought after keynote speaker and seminar leader. She covers a variety of topics, including business development, branding, and diversity, in a way that the audience is motivated to take action and make a difference.

Professional Marketing Content

S H O W   O F F   Y O U R   B R A N D

Photo Marketing

Add a bit of pizzazz and color to your standard marketing content.


Video Marketing

Create professional videos using state of the art technology.

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L E T ‘ S   W O R K   T O G E T H E R !
OutCoast Consulting owner, Rachel Covello, is a multi-faceted, accomplished and innovative consultant with nearly twenty years of progressively higher leadership and management experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Let the OutCoast Consulting team show you how our proven success in business development, blogging, and diversity marketing can help you grow your business.

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